The BID HUB is an Enterprise and Supplier Development Support Incubator that specializes in state of the art provision of full tender management services to black owned small to medium enterprises. We are the only incubator in South Africa that is geared on commercializing and facilitation of  market and funding access for black owned businesses. We provide total customized solutions to our clients across the spectrum and we Embrace continuous improvement, innovation and strategic partnership, keeping abreast with global technological industry and service delivery trends through affiliation of Global Professional Proposal Management Association and Incubator Body.

Our key focus is exclusive strategic consulting within the Enterprise and Supplier Development, in partnership with our highly skilled strategic partners, Furtherance ESD Partner is able to successfully deliver on the following areas;

  • Provision of strategic cutting edge Enterprise and Supplier Development consulting services to corporates
  • Provision of strategic consulting services to assist small business incubators, to improve their service delivery, build strong capability and improve sustainability strategies
  • Provision of business and technical capacity building to ESD practitioners in corporate to increase their capabilities to successfully manage and execute successful ESD programmes.


Advancing entrepreneurs beyond sustainability


To partner with entrepreneurs, corporates and incubators to growth entrepreneurs beyond sustainability


  • Excellence
  • Creative
  • Ethical


Onboarded Incubators


SMMEs Supported


Masterclass Sessions


Businesses Served


Strategies for better business processes, access to new markets and the infrastructure detox.
  • Meaningful BEE Strategies for true transformation
  • Accredited training & Skills development
  • Business Optimisation
  • Access to new markets
  • Local action with global knowledge
  • Strategies for better business processes
  • Infrastructure detox
  • Local and Global funding opportunities

enterprise developmen

Our Programs

Readiness Incubation Package: 12 Months

Targets: Start-ups, informal businesses

Acceleration Incubation Package: 24 Months

Targets: Established SMEs who are looking for sustainable business growth

Commercialisation Incubation Package: 12 Months

Medium to large enterprises seeking investment, export and acquisitions opportunities

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